Guangzhou Symphony             Lider Zhang(TW)                 Principal Timpani

Hangzhou Symphony
Bruce Chou (TW)
Principal Timpani

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
David Lu (USA)
Assistant Timpani, Percussion

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Enrico Calini (IT) Principal Timpani Wei-Chen Lin (TW)                          Section Percussion

Suzhou Symphony Orchestra        Georgi Videnov (BG)             Principal Percussion Jorge Renes Lopéz (ES) Assistant Principal Percussion Tsangarakis Gerassimos (GR) Section Percussion

Tianjin Symphony Orchestra Gabriele Bartezzati (IT)        Principal Timpani 

Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra
Chris Tusa (USA)
Principal Timpani     

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Philharmonic     James Boznos (USA)          Principal Timpani                        Aziz D. Barnard Luce (USA)     Principal Percussion

Hong Kong Sinfonietta          Rieko Koyama  (JP)                             Percussion


Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra
Joel Biedrzycki
Co-Principal Percussion


Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra
Matthew Thomas(USA)       Principal Timpani                  Matthew Prendergast (USA)          Section Principal                    Joshua Vonderheide (USA)      Sub-Principal


Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Christian Schiøler (DK)       Principal Timpani                      Jonathon Fox (USA)                   Principal Percussion                  Mark Suter (USA)              Associate Principal Percussion


South Korea

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra       Ed Choi (CA)                                      Principal Percussion                         Scott Verduin   (USA)                        Associate Principal Percussion


Sun Symphony Orchestra             Kyle Accuncius (USA)                        Principal Timpani


This is an attempt to put all of the Expat Timpanists and Percussionists living and working in Asia in one place. If you or someone you know thinks they should be on this list, please contact me and I will add them!